Who writes The Devil of History?  Stephen Shapiro is a freelance writer/historian who lives and works in Toronto, Canada.  The author of four books for children and young adults, he received his PhD in history from Ohio State University in 2011  He is currently working on writing biographical details in the third person.

Why “The Devil of History”?  In 1940, the German philosopher Walter Benjamin described the “Angel of History” as perpetually looking towards the past, seeing “one single catastrophe” where we perceive “a chain of events” while the “storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned.”  The opposite of the Angel of History must be the Devil, and the opposite of the Angel’s passive acquiescence is to try and look forward, using the lessons of history to try for a softer landing.  Also, all the cooler names for history blogs were already taken.

Want to drop the writer a line?  E-mail Stephen at sshapirooh at googlemail dot com

Need to hire a historian or researcher in the Greater Toronto Area?  E-mail Stephen at sshapirooh at googlemail dot com


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