An Atomic Rolodex

Los-Alamos-Rolodex_CoverOne of Steven Heller’s Daily Heller newsletters this week featured an interview about a new book from Blast Books and the Center for Land Use Interpretation. Los Alamos Rolodex prints a selection of business cards from companies that served the Los Alamos nuclear lab in the 1960s and 70s. As publisher Laura Lindgren explains, “everybody wanted to do business with the nuclear industry—from cryogenic corporations to cleaning supply companies … The shift in logo and typographic designs from the mid-’60s to the late ’70s tracks along with technology changes—often in the mid-’60s logos are sparked with atomic power; in the ’70s cool digital data technology images and typography provide the excitement, as in the mainframe computer tapes in the 1970 UDAC card logo and the 1978 Interactive Computers card.” The book looks like a really interesting slice of both design and national security history to complement atomic postcards and nuclear test participation certificates.


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