NASA’s Graphics Standards Guide is Back

I’m not sure whether it was the Kickstarter to do an high-quality reprint of the 1976 NASA Graphics Standards Guide or the publication of the agency’s own history book Emblems of Exploration: Logos of the NACA and NASA, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has put up a PDF of the classic guide on its website.

I don’t want to get into the middle of the fight over whether “the meatball” or “the worm” is the better NASA emblem, aside from noting that both seem far better to me than the official seal with its mustard yellow planet. There’s a lot more the guide than just the introduction of the NASA logotype (“the worm”).

ThNASA_GSDp41e Graphics Standards Guide includes guidance for typography (use Helvetica, Future, Garamond, or Times New Roman), publication layouts, signage, and vehicle markings. That includes instructions on how to paint a Grumman Gulfstream airplane (“The windows determine the width and placement of the blue stripe. Fuselage markings align with the top edge of the windows”) or a Lockeed F-106 (“The bottom of the blue stripe aligns with the leading edge of the wings. Fuselage markings are flush left with the tail markings”). The two pages of spacecraft markings are more informational than practical, one expects.NASA_GSDp54NASA_GSDp56


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