Posters for a New World War III

VICE’s Motherboard has posted a selection of posters for the hypothetical World War III in P.W. Singer and August Cole’s Ghost Fleet, sponsored by the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future War project. Most of them are pretty cool, but I seriously doubt that they really reflect the likely poster art of World War III. If the last two world wars are any guide, propaganda posters will draw heavily on the skills of commercial illustrators and the advertising industry – and these posters look nothing like most modern advertising. Instead, they look back to the bolder side of Second World War poster design, as well as to recent but less conventional imagery like Shephard Fairy’s “Obama ‘Hope'” poster (or the now-ubiquitous “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

In other words, while the best posters of World War III might look like these, we can expect the majority to be a lot more saccharine and photography-heavy, since they’ll be designed by the same people who do today’s Facebook and Tommy Hilfiger ads.

h/t io9


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