Type and Colour

There was a break at the office while we waited for some authors to respond to queries, so I had the chance to do some cover layouts.

Unfortunately, this meant relearning a lot of things about colour and typography that I had entirely forgotten. Luckily, I had some help from the 1980s and the internet. Courtesy of the 80s, there was Type & Color: A Handbook of Creative Combinations, which not only has good advice about maxing type and text and a fantastic 80s inspiration file (Brooke Shields on the cover of Model Magazine! The poster for the movie Silverado!) but a surprisingly useful set of transparencies (transparencies!) so you can see what your coloured text really looks like against a variety of colour backgrounds.

Courtesy of the internet, there was a whole lot of excellent typographical information. From Andrew Keir, serif and sans serif fonts every designer should know. From I Love Typography (a great site), a five-part brief history of type that helps explain just what a “humane serif” is and why Egyptian typefaces originated in Great Britain.


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