New book on Britain’s Volunteer Force

After submitting my dissertation late last year, I decided that I needed some distance before I started looking at revising it for publication.  That means I don’t spend as much time keeping up with the historical literature as I used to, so it was a pleasant surprise to run across a new book on the units of the United Kingdom’s nineteenth-century Volunteer Force (they were reorganized into the present-day Territorial Army in 1908).  Ray Westlake’s Tracing the Rifle Volunteers (Pen & Sword, 2010; publisher link here) is a substantial book that includes a brief summary of the Force’s history and capsule descriptions of every single recognized corps, arranged by county.  Not a substitute for Ian Beckett’s definitive history of the Force (also now published by Pen & Sword) but an interesting adjunct for those interested in the history of specific units.


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